Hi, I’m Levi Sutherland and welcome to my blog on Unified Communication and collaborative technologies. I work for Express Data an IT Distribution company in Sydney, Australia as the Unified Communications Practice Manager within the Emerging Channels team where I am responsible for managing the Unified Communication business across all our UC vendors which include Cisco, Microsoft and IBM. This blog reflects my personal thoughts and hence may not represent the views of Express Data. Please read, comment and contact me as necessary.


2 responses to “Welcome

  1. Levi – this is good stuff. I’ll need to consider your tie in to social networking some before I have comment about it. I believe that you may need to expand your ROI discussion somewhat on the on-going management side.

    I’m involved in UC business development with HP and am trying to find the right place to be positioned in relation to the UC wave that’s coming. Who will win and lose? Is Cisco or Microsoft in the position of advantage since they both occupy the 500 pound gorilla position in different slices of the the UC market? Is there a place for partners or will they be caught in the middle of a fight and lose whatever position they’ve established?

    Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Craig, Thanks for your comments…

    My viewpoint is that there are two core vendors in the UC space who are strategically positioning themselves to be number one in the UC market.

    We are seeing signs already with Cisco strategically moving into the application space with CUPS and CUPC to compete with Microsoft’s LCS and MOC client… not to mention their strategic alliance with IBM and what this means???

    Microsoft on the other hand is making their strategy clear by moving into the VoIP market with OCS which has traditionally been the dominance of Cisco. In the short term publicly Cisco maybe unconcerned with this move but, behind closed doors I would imagine the tone would be very different… so watch this space!

    and if you’re a betting man… I’ve heard that Microsoft may buy Nortel… now wouldn’t that make things interesting.

    What this means to partners is unclear… but the channel plays an important role in the go-to-market strategies of most vendors. I know for sure that Cisco for example is investing heavily in the SMB market and has released a new ‘Select’ partner program in its efforts to recruit suitable partners to sell/support its SMB range of UC products.

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